"An author's literary productions should be his own, and in form and style should constitute a style of their own."

--Zu Rong, Northern Wei Dynasty


Neal Leavitt, principal of Leavitt Communications, also serves as a contributing editor to a number of technology and interactive marketing publications. Here's a small sampling of stories he's written over the past few years:


Neal Notes


Today’s Mobile Security Requires a New Approach (PDF)

Storage Challenge: Where Will All That Big Data Go? (PDF)

Hybrid Clouds Move to the Forefront (PDF)

A Technology that Comes Highly Recommended (PDF)

Bringing Big Analytics to the Masses (PDF)

Big Iron Moves Toward Exascale Computing (PDF)

Are Mobile Payments Ready to Cash in Yet? (PDF)

Will Power Problems Curtail Processor Progress? (PDF)

Internet Security Under Attack: The Undermining of Digital Certificates (PDF)

IPv6: Any Closer to Adoption? (PDF)

Mobile Security: Finally a Serious Problem? (PDF)

Payment Applications Make E-Commerce Mobile (PDF)

Network-Usage Changes Push Internet Traffic to the Edge (PDF)

Researchers Fight to Keep Implanted Medical Devices Safe from Hackers (PDF)

Will NoSQL Databases Live Up to Their Promise? (PDF)

Anonymization Technology Takes a High Profile (PDF)

Complex-Event Processing Poised for Growth (PDF)

Is Cloud Computing Really Ready for Prime Time? (PDF)

High-Stakes Battle Rages in Graphics-Chip Marketplace (PDF)

Application Awareness Makes Storage more Useful (PDF)

Will IEEE 802.1X Finally Take Off in 2008? (PDF)

The Changing World of Outsourcing (PDF)

For Wireless USB, the Future Starts Now (PDF)

Vendors Fight Spam's Sudden Rise (PDF)

Browsing the 3D Web (PDF)

Will Recommendation Technology Boost E-Commerce? (PDF)

Will Proposed Standard Make Mobile Phones More Secure? (PDF)

Instant Messaging: A New Target for Hackers (PDF)

Mobile Phones: The Next Frontier for Hackers? (PDF)

Are Web Services Finally Ready to Deliver? (PDF)

Scob Attack: A Sign of Bad Things to Come? (PDF)

Will Interoperability Problems Give IP Telephony a Busy Signal? (PDF)

Two Technologies Vie for Recognition in Speech Market (PDF)

Will Wireless Gaming Be a Winner? (PDF)

Let's Hear It for Audio Mining (PDF)

Data Mining for the Corporate Masses? (PDF)

3D Technology: Ready for the PC? (PDF)

Linux: At a Turning Point? (PDF)

Malicious Code Moves to Mobile Devices (PDF)

Whatever Happened to Object-Oriented Databases? (PDF)

Will WAP Deliver the Wireless Internet? (PDF)

Domain Name Solution Causes New Problems (PDF)

Online 3D: Still Waiting After All These Years (PDF)

Will 1999 Be the Year of IP Telephony? (PDF)


USB: 3.0 Taking Hold and Gearing for the Future (PDF)


What Artificial Intelligence Portends for Marketers (PDF)

How AR is Changing the Way Consumers Shop (PDF)

E-commerce Pushing Boundaries with Marketers and Customers (PDF)

Supermarkets Change Up Their Online and In-store Biz Models to Lure Customers (PDF)

How Sensory Marketing Entices the Senses (PDF)

How Marketers are Reaching Out to Night Owls (PDF)

How the Internet of Food is Driving Food Marketing (PDF)

E-Commerce Environment Still Facing Supply Chain Challenges (PDF)

Internet of Things Upending Real Estate Industry (PDF)

Not Your Neighborhood Community Bank Anymore (PDF)

Marketing Baseball Cards: Bubble, Boom or Bust? (PDF)

Blockchain Technology Poised to Shake Up Main Street and Wall Street (PDF)

Emerging Technologies Showcased at SIGGRAPH 2015 Could Be Tomorrow's Products (PDF)

Can Technology Help Solve California's Drought? (PDF)

The Robot Swarm Is Upon Us (PDF)

Discreet Affairs Sites Generating Gobs of Revenue - and Controversy (PDF)

Marijuana Industry Growing Like A…Well…Weed (PDF)

You Can't Hide from Your Apps - They Know Where You Are (PDF)

Women in Tech Industry Still Facing Career Challenges (PDF)

Maybe You Deserve This Match (PDF)

eSports Racking Up Billions of Viewer Hours - and Dollars (PDF)

Technology Transforming the Fashion Industry (PDF)

2015 Just Around the Corner: So What's the Skinny on Digital Marketing Trends? (PDF)

Car and Truck Makers Need to Emphasize Their Vehicles Are Digitally Safe (PDF)

Up Up and Away: Commercial Drone Market Ready for Take Off (PDF)

Selling Your Personal Data: Is It Worth It? (PDF)

Social Media Helping Level the Playing Field for Craft Breweries (PDF)

Google Data Protection Opinion May Ruffle Feathers of Businesses Worldwide (PDF)

CEOs and Twitter: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly (PDF)

GDC 2014: Reflections and Ruminations (PDF)

Web/Text Messaging Jargon Rules the Biz World (PDF)

Your Next Chauffeur May Be Your Car (PDF)

Infographics Accelerating Online Marketing Efforts (PDF)

Hot Stuff for 2014 (PDF)

Making Money in the 4K/UHD Ecosystem (PDF)

2014 Social Media/Online Marketing Trends: What's Coming Down the Pike (PDF)

San Diego Tech Startups Making Their Mark - With a Little Networking Help (PDF)

Emerging Technologies at SIGGRAPH 2013 Could Yield New Markets Tomorrow (PDF)

Sunny Outlook for Solar Industry (PDF)

Ad Retargeting Enjoying Resurgence (PDF)

3D Printing Poised to Be Next Business/Marketing Paradigm Shift (PDF)

Getting the Skinny on Mobile Device Design Issues and Opportunities ((PDF)

Geeks Shall Inherit the (Virtual) Earth - GDC 2013 Bits/Bytes (PDF)

Social Media and the Amber Nectar (PDF)

Cool Trends and Stuff at CES 2013 (PDF)

2013 Mobile Marketing Trends (PDF)

Wars, the Military and Social Media: A Sticky Wicket (PDF)

Energy Industry Taking a Shine to Social Media (PDF)

REALTORS® Tapping in to Social Media to Connect with Buyers/Sellers (PDF)

Human-Plant Interaction - and More - at SIGGRAPH 2012 (PDF)

Surf Industry Riding the Digital Wave (PDF)

Cool Stuff from SID Display Week 2012 (PDF)

How the A/E/C Community Uses Social Media These Days (PDF)

Marketing Religion Online: Attracting the Digital Flock (PDF)

Mmmmm - Marketing Dark Chocolate (PDF)

Rosy '12 Outlook for Game Industry (PDF)

The Future of Driving - It's Already Here (PDF)

Colleges Raising the Bar in Using Social Media (PDF)

Mobile Marketing 2012: Sky's the Limit (PDF)

Police and Fire Departments Embracing Social Media to Better Serve the Community (PDF)

E-Government Bringing City Hall to Your Digital Device (PDF)

Facebook: Boon or Bane for Cities and Counties? (PDF)

Cities Using Social to Generate Buzz -- and Revenue (PDF)

Social Media Risks for Companies: Caveats to Consider (PDF)

Connected Devices: Can We Handle Their Proliferation? (PDF)

National Study Further Demos Your High School Classmates Just Won't Fade Away (PDF

Touch Technologies Will Rock Our World (PDF)

Connectivity Between Consumer/Mobile Devices Growing (PDF)

Forecast for PC Gaming Industry Looks Rosy (PDF)

The Arab World and Revolution 2.0 (PDF)

Should the Government Be Protecting Online Privacy? (PDF)

Internet Traffic Patterns: They Are a Changing (PDF)

Phone Books Becoming Irrelevant (PDF)

There Is a Way Out from World of Warcraft (PDF)

A New Paradigm for U.S. Media: More Government Subsidies? (PDF)

6 Steps to Controlling Brand Buzz on Review Sites

How Cloud Computing Can Pay Heavenly Rewards

Six Experts' Predictions For 2009

Is Online Advertising Losing Its Luster?

Follow the Clues to a Marketing Payoff

Best & Worst of 2007: Experts Weigh In

Verizon's Makeover for Homes and Marketing

Visa and Ford Digitize the Great Outdoors

In-House Creative Threatens Agencies

Cutting-Edge Agency Exposes Creative Secrets

Heinz Gives Users a Taste of Fame

CP+B Pushes the Creative Envelope

Coke's Industry-Shaking Mobile Move

What's Hot in Automotive Sites Today

"Happy Honda Days" Spans Multimedia

Five Steps Toward Better Search Rankings

Morbidly Curious Flock to Eons.com

"World Trade Center" Ad Honors Heroes

A Marketer's Guide to MSN

HP Goes Wide to Get Personal

Post, TV Guide and The Donald

Survey: Local Online Ad Spending Is Up

When a Promo Isn't Just a Promo

A Case for Personalization

Audi's Art of the Heist Captured Leads

Clicking for Cars

Online Personal Sites Seek Relationships

No Degrees of Separation -- from Tide

Connecting Artists and Fans Online

Reaching Weekend Warriors Online

Marketing to Seniors Online

Online Clothes Lines

Looking Good

Creating Brand Buzz in Forums

Online Travel Part 3: Is Bigger Better?

Online Travel Part 2: Is Bigger Better?

Online Travel: Is Bigger Better?


Microsoft's New Licensing Model: The End of Shrinkwrap as We Know It?

Microsoft.NET Expected to Deliver the Goods... In Time


Will Gen "Y" Surfers Ever Catch the Digital Wave? (PDF)

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Rich E-mail Technology Fattens E-tailing Purse (PDF)


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Leap Wireless: 'Comfortable Wireless' Campaign Has Cricket Chirping

Kintera: 'Kintera Campaign Brings in Bucks to Help Find Arthritis Cure'

Littlefeet: 'Leaving Footprints Out There'

Zucotto Wireless: 'Sweet Tooth Meets Bluetooth'


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