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Global Pet and Fibers Manufacturer Latest Addition to Innovapptive’s Growing Client List

Company Will Support Indorama Ventures' Digital Transformation with a Connected Frontline Worker Platform Integrated with SAP

HOUSTON, Jan. 17, 2024 – Innovapptive Inc., a global leader in mobile-first SaaS connected frontline worker applications, announces that it has been retained by Indorama Ventures to help the company transition from manual operations, maintenance, and warehouse processes to more agile and flexible digital ones.

This will be accomplished through Innovapptive’s industry-leading connected worker solutions, which Indorama Ventures will initially implement at a pilot plant in the first half of 2024. Rollout to three additional sites will occur later in the year with a goal of installing Innovapptive’s products at up to 16 more sites by 2025.

“We appreciate the trust Indorama Ventures has placed in us to digitally transform their operations, maintenance, and warehouse management,” said CEO Sundeep Ravande. “Using Innovapptive’s solutions, Indorama will be able to digitally tie its frontline workers, assets, and back-office together in a seamless manner that promotes greater collaboration, productivity, and workflow efficiency.”

Indorama Ventures, based in Bangkok, Thailand, is a world-class sustainable chemical company with a global integrated lead in PET (polyethylene terephthalate) and fibers, serving major customers in diversified end-use markets. The company subscribes to four of Innovapptive’s mobile-first SaaS solutions:

  • mRounds
  • mWorkOrder
  • mInspections (formerly RACETM Dynamic Forms)
  • mInventory

mRounds is a mobile operator rounds platform designed to empower production operators with real-time field data, enabling them to streamline operations, improve safety, reliability, and asset life while driving productivity to new heights. Customers can anticipate up to a 50% decrease in equipment breakdowns, a 30% jump in operator efficiency, and a 25% reduction in safety incidents.

mWorkOrder digitizes maintenance work order management, allowing for real-time data capture, immediate assignment of new work, and improved data accuracy. The digital transformation of work order management leads to greater asset uptime and a safer plant. Customers have reported up to a 20% increase in technician wrench time, 50% fewer backlogs, and 26% lower maintenance costs.

mInspections (formerly RACE Dynamic Forms) allows anyone to build robust mobile forms in minutes for immediate use. Edit or modify a form on the fly. Covert paper forms into digital ones or create new or update existing forms based on changing business requirements. No coding knowledge or experience is required. Users can anticipate a 75% reduction in form development time, 50% fewer form field errors, and a 100% accuracy rate.

mInventory digitizes warehouse processes, enabling paperless operations, and ensuring plant maintenance departments and external customers receive the right part or product at the right time. The application seamlessly integrates with mWorkOrder to optimize technician productivity and delivers a unified MRO value chain. Users have reported a 30% increase in warehouse transaction processing productivity, a 30% rise in inventory accuracy, and a 10% drop in inventory carrying costs.

Innovapptive offers the only connected worker platform that integrates operations, maintenance, and the warehouse under a single unified source of accurate, real-time data tied to SAP. The company’s solutions digitize operational data on mobile devices, smart glasses, and watches, making cross-departmental communication and collaboration faster and easier. This leads to more informed decision making based on verifiable facts, not experience or speculation.

Innovapptive’s preconfigured, fully functional applications can be easily modified, allowing quick and nimble responses to ever-changing business and regulatory needs. Improve data accuracy, increase productivity, maximize profits, and boost safety. Innovapptive helps organizations save millions of dollars on operational costs, while simultaneously improving the working life of the frontline worker.

About Innovapptive

Innovapptive is headquartered in Houston, TX, and is a provider of a mobile-first and AI–powered SaaS Connected Worker Platform that closes the loop between industrial assets, back-office systems, and frontline workers. Innovapptive’s integrated suite of apps unlocks productivity for operators, maintenance, and warehouse teams to maximize productivity, uptime, and growth profitability for some of the world’s largest companies. Learn more at

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